Custom Earmolds

Your ears are different than your spouse’s, your children’s and your friends’—so why are you all wearing the same earplugs and earbuds? One-size-fits-all doesn’t work well for ears, which is why audiologists turn to custom earmolds when comfort and fit are important.

Custom earmolds are created specifically for each of your ears using a silicone mold. They offer many benefits over standard earpieces: a perfect fit, long-term comfort, heightened hearing, improved acoustics and features that can be personalized for your needs. Custom earmolds can be used for a wide variety of items that fit in your ear, including:

Earbuds and headphones

Music fans often opt for custom earbuds for the ultimate listening experience. They block out surrounding noise in order to deliver high quality acoustics at a volume that won’t damage your ears.


Whether you enjoy silence while you sleep or want to protect your hearing during noisy activities or in loud workplace environments, custom earmolds are the right place to turn if you need top-notch sound protection that is comfortable and effective.

Hearing aids

Most hearing aid models worn in the canal or concha of the ear are created individually in Aberdeen using custom earmolds. This ensures a comfortable and secure fit that will encourage you to wear your devices every day.


Many professions use earpieces for a variety of communications needs, such as talking on the phone, radioing between workers or communicating with people over long distances, such as pilots with air traffic control towers. Using custom earpieces ensures sound is being transmitted at a safe volume through a comfortable earpiece.


Those in the medical field often opt for equipment crafted from custom earmolds. Aberdeen-area medical providers who use custom stethoscopes enjoy a more comfortable, tight fit when assessing their patients’ medical needs.

Hunter’s earmolds

These specially designed custom earmolds protect your ears from gunshots while hunting. They are also commonly used by shooters at ranges, law enforcement officers and members of the military. Hunter’s earmolds allow in the quieter sounds you need to hear from your surroundings while blocking out the loud sound of gunshots by way of a tiny valve that closes when hit with high-decibel noise.

Musicians’ monitors

These custom earmolds are great for musicians in bands as they deliver excellent, high-quality sound feedback directly to your ears at a safe level while blocking out the loud, damaging sounds of the instruments around you.

Swimmer’s earplugs

Ear infections, swimmer’s ear and surfer’s ear are major problems for those who spend a lot of time in the water. To prevent these damaging and painful conditions, many swimmers, water sports enthusiasts and patients prone to ear infections opt for waterproof custom earmolds.