ReSound Linx

Modern hearing aid technology is truly amazing and ReSound LiNX is the ultimate example of how far hearing devices have come in just a few years. Debuted at the world-renowned IFA tech show in 2014, ReSound LiNX hearing aids were developed through a partnership between ReSound and Apple. They are the first hearing aids designed specifically for smartphone compatibility.

“Made for iPhone®” ReSound LiNX hearing aids pair convenient, complete connectivity with top-rated sound quality.

ReSound LiNX Basics

Since there is nothing else like LiNX on the market, West Coast Hearing Clinic’s Aberdeen and South Bend patients often have a lot of questions about these devices. Here are some of the most important things you need to know about ReSound LiNX hearing aids:

  • There are two types of ReSound LiNX devices: the standard LiNX, which treats mild to severe hearing loss, and ReSound LiNX TS, which specifically treats tinnitus.
  • LiNX is available in two hearing aid styles: micro-receiver-in-the-ear and behind-the-ear. Both offer high quality sound that is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss, so you will have to consider cosmetics, features and size when choosing a device.
  • ReSound LiNX seamlessly connects to newer models of iPhones®, iPads® and iPods using wireless Bluetooth® technology. These hearing aids are also compatible with many Android phones.
  • LiNX devices use standard 312 batteries, which can be expected to last 4–10 days depending on how often you use wireless connectivity features.
  • There are four receiver tubes types available: S (small size), NP (normal power), HP (power) and UP (ultra power). You and your audiologist will determine which receiver tube is right for you depending on the severity of your hearing loss.
  • LiNX devices can stream any sound from your Apple or Android devices. Common uses include wireless connectivity for phone calls, GPS directions, listening to music or podcasts, FaceTime, Skype, video downloads and video streaming.

ReSound LiNX Features

Surround Sound by ReSound™ is an advanced sound processing technique that aims to closely match natural hearing quality. Its main capabilities include controlling background noise for excellent directionality, tracking noise for smooth and simple transitions between changing environments and eliminating feedback and whistling without jeopardizing sound quality.

Sound Shaper focuses on improving listening for those with high-frequency hearing loss. It automatically compresses high-frequency sounds and delivers them to your ear at a lower frequency without reducing quality or clarity.

Synchronized Acceptance Manager uses communications between your right and left devices to help you gradually adapt to your ideal amplification level over time. This allows patients to acclimate to the hearing aids without experiencing discomfort during the fitting process.

iSolate™ nanotech coating is a water- and dust-repellant material that completely coats the inside and outside of every ReSound LiNX device. It repels water, earwax, dirt and other unwanted particles, resulting in durable devices designed to reduce problems, repairs and corrosion.

ReSound Smart™ app for Android and iPhone allows you to control your hearing aids via your cell phone. Some of the app’s most-used features include programming, volume control, treble and bass adjustment, switching between preset listening modes, device tracking and a personalized information messaging service.