Hearing Aid Accessories

If you’re ready to invest in new hearing devices in Aberdeen or South Bend, hearing aid accessories are one of the factors to consider as you develop a treatment plan with your audiologist.

While today’s devices work great on their own, hearing aid accessories offer added listening benefits.

Your doctor will help you understand which accessories you should consider investing in and how they will enhance your experience with hearing aids. Along with hearing aid accessories, Aberdeen-area patients should also consider the benefits of assistive listening devices, which are described in their own section of our site.

Types of Hearing Aid Accessories

From cleaning to conversing to connecting, hearing aid accessories give South Bend and Aberdeen patients a boost. There are dozens of accessories available for hearing devices, including these popular options:

  • Remote controls are available as handheld devices or smartphone apps. They allow you to control the volume, programs and settings on your devices without having to remove and adjust them by hand. They also allow you to control wireless connections to other devices.
  • Wireless accessories allow users to connect to many electronic devices using Bluetooth® technology. You can use these accessories to directly stream sound to your hearing aids from your TV, computer, tablet, cell phone, in-car entertainment system, MP3 player and more for clear, convenient listening.
  • Cleaning tools and kits help patients effectively clean their devices each day. They provide ways to gently clean hard-to-reach areas of the devices to prevent damage and keep your hearing aids working well.
  • Dehumidifiers and dryers are the best way to remove earwax and other moisture from your devices. These hearing aid accessories dehumidify overnight on their own, making your daily cleaning routine that much easier. They reduce the risk of wax buildups and result in fewer repairs caused by moisture leaching into the device’s electronic components.
  • Wax filter and guards are tiny additions to hearing aids that prevent your naturally-occurring earwax from building up, breaking or blocking the important internal components. These filters and guards will need to be cleaned and changed occasionally.
  • Portable microphones can be easily clipped onto a companion’s clothing in situations where loud background noise makes hearing difficult. These tiny microphones wirelessly transmit what the speaker is saying directly to your hearing aid so you can clearly understand them.